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About us

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An innovative range of probiotics, synbiotics and Synbioceuticals with a scientific approach focused the current problems of global health.

BellaVie offers the only line of Synbioceuticals with a science-based approach focused on current global health issues. BellaVie is a new Belgian producer of probiotics and synbiotics specifically oriented to specific medical questions like how to boost of the immune system, how to help to manage stress, cholesterol, diabetes, vaginal flora and infectious diseases in children.

Our unique and innovative

concept of Synbioceuticals ®

  Our health supplements are composed of Probiotics,  Prebiotics and Nutraceuticals. This unique combination offers a better approach to the problems we are targeting. 

Innovative and scientifically proven formulas

High concentration

of bacteria

Contains Probiotics + Prebiotics + Nutraceuticals

Protection against acidity of stomach and humidity


We provide, efficient and science-based, probiotics,  prebiotics and synbiotics health supplements, for the well-being and health benefit of our consumers around the world.


We believe that probiotics will be a revolutionary solution to improving the health of our civilizations.

We aim to a wide adoption probiotics as affordable and sustainable health solution for the benefit od all, through:

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New innovative efficient health solutions by collaboration with our partners and our stakeholders

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A strong recognition of our brand for healthcare professionals and consumers

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The most effective communication tools


Performances, efficiency & effectiveness

Sustainability & Social responsibility

Ambitious & fulfill commitment

Teamwork & partnership

Creativity & innovation

Loyalty & Respect