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What are synbiotics?

Most dietary supplements on the market combine probiotics (also called microbiotics) and prebiotics (also called fiber). 

This combination is called "synbiotics". 

The word synbiotic comes from the words "synergy" and "probiotics/prebiotics".

  • Probiotics (or microbiotics) are living micro-organisms that help rebuild the intestinal flora by helping the bacteria naturally present in the intestine to fight viruses, bacteria and pathogens..
  • Prebiotics are vegetable fibers or non-digestible carbohydrates that serve as food for the good bacteria present in the intestine. They are essential food compounds that promote the growth and activity of probiotics. Prebiotics pass through the small intestine and ferment in the large intestine, which is very beneficial for the bacterial colonies present there because it allows them to reproduce to maintain a healthy intestine. The combined use of probiotics and prebiotics reinforces the effectiveness of probiotics. 

The combined use of probiotics and prebiotics reinforces the effectiveness of probiotics.

Types of synbiotics

Complementary synbiotics: the most common, they combine probiotics and prebiotics but their action is independent of each other. The probiotics will improve the colonization of good bacteria in the intestine and the prebiotics will complement the effects of the probiotics by nourishing the intestinal microbiota.

Synergistic synbiotics: probiotics and prebiotics work together to improve the health of the host (e.g., the combination of probiotic Lactobacillus strains with lactose as a prebiotic, which is their favorite food because it is the most common sugar in milk. This association favors the growth of these Lactobacilli rather than benefiting all the good bacteria present on the walls of the intestine).

The Bellavie Synbioceutical® concept

As you will have understood, the symbiosis between the intestinal microbiota and the nutritional intake is essential for health.

The BellaVie laboratory has understood this very well and has made it its strength by developing a particularly innovative concept, that of Synbioceutical®.

BellaVie's Synbioceuticals® contain both :

  • Microbiotic strains: living yeast and bacteria that have a beneficial effect on our health. Each Bellavie product contains up to 10 billion strains of bacteria carefully selected for their benefits on the targeted problem.
  • Fibers: nutrients specific to microbiotics that stimulate their growth and improve their effects on the body.
  • Sources of nutraceuticals: specifically selected for their synergistic properties with those of the symbiotics (microbiotics and fibers). Nutraceuticals are natural active compounds, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements that have a beneficial or protective effect on health. They can improve, prevent and reduce the risk of various diseases and pathologies.

BellaVie food supplements are a real alternative to drugs. They have a 100% natural health approach that aims to restore a true balance of the microbiota to help the normal functioning of the body's physiological capacities and to compensate for the deficiencies of a diet that is not sufficiently healthy.

Each BellaVie product contains up to 10 billion strains of good bacteria. In addition to the benefits provided by the action of the symbiotics, BellaVie products have a superior power on health thanks to the various nutraceuticals added

"BellaVie, a step further in the formulation of synbiotics".