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Increase of your turnover

Future forecasts for the sale of dietary supplements worldwide are quite ambitious and encouraging. Therefore, as a distributor, you should not miss the opportunity to enrich your product portfolio with BellaVie supplements. These products are widely prescribed and recommended by practitioners. The global market value of probiotics in 2021 is approximately $4.3 billion and 8.2% CAGR 2020-2027.*

*compound annual growth rate

Quality and innovative products

BellaVie offers high quality products both in terms of formulations and in the choice of packaging in order to export the products worldwide. Development and innovation are an integral part of BellaVie's values. The laboratory has developed unique formulas thanks to its innovative concept of Synbioceutical. BellaVie also favors the choice of the most suitable primary and secondary packaging that will protect the contents from the external environment and in particular from humidity, heat but also from gastric acidity.

Best Services


BellaVie is a solid laboratory you can trust to help you grow your business. BellaVie employs knowledgeable and skilled people who are committed to providing partners with quality service. Whether it's for individual or general inquiries, we put your needs first. Our teams help you communicate with different targets such as health professionals (doctors, pharmacists) as well as consumers. Each medium is adapted to its target. Our commitments: professional expertise, quality of service and responsiveness.


Bellavie is ISO 22000 certified. Rigorous selection and guaranteed traceability of the selected probiotic strains.


Thanks to this in-depth knowledge, Bellavie can offer innovative products.


For Bellavie, partners are at the heart of its concerns.