How BellaVie is different | Bellavie Unique Synbioceutical®

How BellaVie works?


BellaVie is different

BellaVie is an innovative range of micro biotics and synbiotics with an approach scientific and problem-oriented current global health  issues. 

Synbioceutical®, our innovative concept. 

We have developed the high effective health supplement.

Our capsules contain a well-balanced mix of probiotics, the good bacteria of your intestines.  Our capsules also contain prebiotics which are the food of these probiotics with a high content in fibers, the mixed probiotics and prebiotics is called Synbiotic. As an improvement BellaVie add nutraceuticals to this mix. Nutraceuticals are natural supplements with positive functions on your health. This mix Synbiotic plus nutraceutical is called Synbioceutical®

BellaVie a step beyond in probiotic formulation.


BellaVie = Synbioceutical ®    

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